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Connect with our Income Designers to build your automatic, solidarity and sustainable income.

In general speaking, Income of an individual is limited to whose combination status of economy knowledge and professional abilities - which in synonymy is intelligence.

It doesn't have to be that way. With our experienced income designer, we can help you lift those constrains and link your income with multiple potential sources effectively.

Through reuse of securities in capital market, we have recreated a method to collect income. By looking through the potential behind the bids, re-balancing accordingly to the market move. You can create an alternative income stream in sustainable manner.

Who We Help

We have redesign the approach to create revenue and income growth. Regardless if you're an individual or a organisation, we're ready to help.


We help you automatically look-through and grow your income with collective approach. Your benefits is our priority, we strive to enable you with aspect of better life.


Mutually bind together with other organisation in solidarity approach. We advocate a alternative method for organisation to prosperity in all matter with social responsibility, economy and environment issues.

Our Process


Book an appointment

Start your collective income plan by talking with our designer at MIC. We can set up an appointment over online reservation.


Face to Face consultation

We'll discuss your current status and future needs. Then we'll explain how we will do and address your enquirers.


Income Planning

We'll design a personalized income plan without any fees. You can take action comfortably or make further modifications to your suggestions.


Plan Deploy & Review

We start deploying your income plan within schedule we set. We also continuously track the executed progress and make adjustment if in necessary circumstance.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

- Albert Einstein