About Collective Intelligence

What is Collective Intelligence?

Collective Intelligence described here is not ordinary IQ or natural born ability. It's the mental energy - produced by human mind,and what we focus is that people willing to exchange their energy while consuming products or services provided by others.

How can Collective Intelligence help me?

Mental energy sounds very abstract and distant, however, it is relevant to everyone. Our current economic activities, such as purchasing cars or consuming foods are one kind of energy exchange. While your are motivated and will to pay for the product or service, you are exchanging your mental energy. In simple word - mental energy in economy perspective can be described as purchasing power. Thus in the meantime of raising collective intelligence, you are raising your purchasing power simultaneously.

Stock? Aren't stocks a tool for speculation?

Indeed stocks can be a tool for speculation if focus is daily price movement. However, stocks also can help you connect vast customers with their purchasing power. Read About Stocks section to find out more.

So...Is Collective Intelligence means hoarding assets?

Exactly not, your can think as this way - utilizing a solar power panel means you need electricity but not the panel itself. Collective intelligence means your can keep moving customer and exchange their mental energy - such energy can be measured as capacity of potentials. Thus our purpose is to adequately turning over those potentials, not hoarding the tools.

Want to know more about Collective Intelligence?

Feel free to ask. You may find out lots of questions about the intelligence. You are welcome to make an appointment and talk to us face to face.

About Stocks

Is Collective Intelligence equal to stock trading?

Stock trading is a common term of buying/selling stocks. Although we trade stocks, price spread is not our main concern. We are not stock trader, more closely description is that we adjust positions according market movement in order to enlarge the purchasing power . The whole process is called re-balancing.

Is there any pre-request for Collective Intelligence? I am a completely dummy for the stock market.

Absolutely no. We would pick up qualified the intelligent sources (bids) for you, and keep re-balancing positions. At any adequately timing we might adjust your portfolio. Thus it wouldn't be any difficulties even your are completely no experienced in stock market. If your are in any doubt, please contact us for more information.

Is a securities account needed? Is it available for non U.S. citizen?

U.S. citizen is not necessary, the main difference is that the tax rate applicable for NRA (non resident alien) is different from U.S. citizen. We have professional experienced in this matter and there is no need to worry about. Our service indeed uses your securities account to function, but you don't need to open an account in advance. The reason to use your own account is that all stocks and cash are under your name thus fully secured.

About Income

What is auto-income?

Collective Intelligence enlarges your purchasing power by alternative method of income stream. Such income is automatic that can be classified as one kind of sustainable income.

About MIC

Who are you?

Magnific Intelligence Collective., LLC found in 1999. We have served capital management for global Chinese in our early stage. Recent years we feel the importance of solidarity economy and social responsibility, thus evolving into an organisation that assist individual and other organisations in collecting the intelligence. Help them to raise the purchasing power and benefits the sustainable development in the mean time.

Are you trustworthy?

Since we are not traditional securities analyst and nor spread trading, plus more than 20 years of experiences in the stock market, we promise to fulfill our responsibilities regardless the market movement. Our clients are among range from few thousand dollars to more than several millions, some of them are in corporation with us longer than a decade. We are confident about our professional abilities.

Furthermore, no securities or funds need to be transferred, our service is fully operated under your own account. You will always have the substantial ownership for them and there is no concern about fraud or embezzlement.